Request for cooperation of customers regarding COVID-19

●発熱や風邪の症状 (くしゃみ、咳、悪寒など) のある方のご来場、2週間以内に感染が流行している国・地域に渡航歴のある方はご来場をお控えください。

●マスク着用での鑑賞をお願いいたします。 ※ マスクがない場合は、 タオル・ハンカチなどで口と鼻をおおってください。




・外気を取り入れた空調、換気や館内の空気清浄を行っております。 ※ 作品保護のため、エントランスドアを閉鎖しております。


Please follow the guidance below
If you have a fever or cold symptoms (sneezing, coughing, chills, etc.) Please refrain from visiting.
Please wear a mask when viewing.
*If you do not have a mask, use a towel or handkerchief to cover your mouth and nose.
Please disinfect your fingers.(Alcohol disinfectant is installed)
Social distance Please leave a space between you and other visitors.
Please refrain from speaking in a loud voice.

・There may be restrictions on admission to ease congestion.
・Do not touch the exhibited works.
・The inside of the building will be cleaned regularly.
・We perform air conditioning, ventilation, and air purification inside the building that incorporates outside air.
*The entrance door is closed to protect the work.